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Thursday, 31 January 2013

When an unknown man calls to a muslimah

This is very nice story will InsyaAllah make you all aware on this matter, especially for youth muslim!...

After finishing Solatul Isyak, a Muslimah sit on her Solah mat to make Du’a. Once after she finished making du'aa to her Lord, her mobile rang. She picked up saying : "Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh". A voice of a young man replied : "Wa'alaikumsalam WaRahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh". "Can I speak to (so and so) please?". The Muslim girl said: "Sorry brother, you have dialed the wrong number"...Then she hung up.

After few minutes, her mobile rang again.She picked up, it was the young man who called her minutes ago.He told her : "I called again to apologize for disturbing you..You seems to be good girl. Can I know you better?"

The girl was shocked for few seconds but then she replied: "Brother,...Fear Allah!..You suppose to be at Masjid praying solatul 'Isyak' but here you are going after girls to flirt with them at night!.. Here you are disobeying your Lord instead of obeying HIM!. Shame on you!"...

After saying these words, she immediately hang up.

Few days later, he called her again: "Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi WaBarakatuh.. Sister, plz don’t hang up!. I want to apologize again and inform me that I went back to pray all my 5 daily prayers at Masjid!. All praises to Allah and thank you for waking me up from my neglectfulness!. Plz, can I know the name of the one through whom Allah guided me?. I really need someone like you in my life to strengthen my Iman and support me to stay on the right path. Plz help me sister, may Allah reward you for that."

She didn't reply and started to think :

"Should she accept to help him to stay on right path?. Should she accept that he will be in touch with her from time to time to help him strengthen his Imaan?"

She heard a satanic voice whispering : "He is good guy now!. Why are you so worried about it?!. Let him call you... you both have pure intention!. He really needs you. If you refuse his suggestion, he will go astray and it will be your fault!"..She was about to tell him her name but suddenly a little voice whispered : "Allah is watching you"..

It was her conscience which woke her up from making a big mistake!..

"Sorry brother" she replied finally : "If you are sincere in your repentance then you will find people who are better than me to help you. Even I need someone who helps me to stay at the right path more than you. At the mosque, you will surely find many righteous brothers who would be the good company which help you to get closer to Allah. Please, if you really fear your Lord now and afraid of HIS punishment, then do not call this number ever again... Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh"

Then she hang up and she went back to her Solah mat rising her hands to make this Duaa:

"Ya Allah, Turner of hearts, make my heart firm on your Deen and save me from the evil of Fitnah..Amin......."

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Semoga tenang di sana..

Just call my mum kat kg. Bercerita tentang insan2 yg terlebih dahulu meninggalkan kami dan dunia ini untuk bertemu Allah yg Satu. Banyak berita kematian yg ku dengar pada bulan ini. Dan teringat masa arwah atuk yang seolah-olah tau saat kematiannya yg bakal tiba..Begitu juga dgn arwah nenek. Tenang menghembuskan nafas yg terakhir dan sedikit senyuman di wajahnya..Terkadang terfikir, bagaimanakah saat kita menghadap Sakaratul Maut yg bakal tiba nanti?..Mungkin setahun lg?..sebulan lg?..Atau esok?...Atau sebentar lagi?..

Mudah2an Allah memanjangkan umur ku, umur suami ku, umur ke dua ibu bapa ku dan adik beradik ku supaya kami sempat lagi untuk memperbaiki iman dan amalan kami..Kepada yang telah pergi, hanya Doa yang dapat ku titip kan buat bekalan di sana. Mudah2an di ampunkan segala dosa, dijauhkan dari siksaan kubur dan siksaan api neraka, serta dipermudahkan perjalanan ke Syurga. Amin..Amin..Amin..Ya Rabbal A'lamin..

Mari amalkan doa ini, moga Allah menolong kita untuk berjaya mendapat Husnul khotimah (Kesudahan yang Baik).

"Robbana la tu ziq qulu bana bak da iz hadai tana wahab lana mil ladunka rahmah, innaka antal wahab"
(Ya Allah, ya Tuhan kami, janganlah kiranya Engkau pesongkan iman kami sesudah Engkau kurniakan kepada kami petunjuk. Anugerahilah kami rahmat kerana sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengurnia.)

"Allah humma tim lana bi husnil khotimah, Wala tah tim ‘lai na bi su il khotimah”
(Ya Allah, dapatkanlah kami kesudahan yang baik dan jauhilah kami dari kesudahan yang buruk)


Buat yang telah pergi,...Al-Fatihah...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sometimes, it’s The Little Things,..that Hurt the Most!

Have you ever had a moment when things are going relatively smoothly, then something small happens and your whole world is turned upside down??...

Often we think that big problems come from big incidents..

Imagine each person’s life as a house of cards. For some people, their house may be sturdy – their cards are thick and glued together. Other houses are more precarious – the cards are thin, bent, and unstable. The latter house is more quick to collapse when a new card is added to the top; the former can handle many more cards and remain standing; it takes a lot more effort to knock down this house.

Small things can cause great harm.

Many people have a tendency to be very critical of themselves when they are hurt emotionally, especially if they deem the incident that caused them pain to be insignificant. “It wasn’t really that bad,” people say. "Look at the other people. They had it worse, and they are doing fine". The problem is,.. ""They"" may not be doing as well as they appear. And each person’s history is different.

There is always someone who had it worse. Although people often say things like “it wasn’t that bad,” to comfort themselves or others, what ends up happening is that they deny their own experience, sometimes burying the pain down deep inside.

Denial doesn’t make the pain any less; it simply pushes it aside until it erupts in a different way. DENYING one’s own pain is destructive and can have lasting effects on a person’s ability to weather further difficulties in life.

So, while you may compare your difficulty with another person’s and think you shouldn’t feel as strongly as you do, there is a reason you’re reacting in that way. Strong feelings don’t come out of nowhere.

Hurt, depression, anxiety, and suffering are not a contest. There are many reasons why one person may experience trauma and be adversely affected, and another person experience a similar trauma and come out relatively unscathed. Some of this has to do with genetics; some of it’s because a person has been emotionally hurt previously and one more added trauma can bring up a flood of symptoms.
Seemingly small incidents can have a significant impact.

Most people are their own harshest critics, and the judgement they place on themselves is much more scathing than what others express. Judging yourself because of how you respond emotionally is like rubbing salt in a wound – it hurts a great deal, and does nothing to promote healing.

Accepting your feelings for what they are, and trying to understand where they come from and the reason for their intensity can be the basis for continued growth and restoration.